Tiong Shian, Chinatown

Hooker Lily had a craving for porridge so we four went to Long Wall Porridge. We ordered:

Porridge with century egg and lean pork ($3.60)
2 Frogs leg ($16)
Fried tofu ($2.40)
Sotong you-tiao ($6) and prawn paste chicken wings ($6).
SO AWESOME! I love the constancy and viscosity of the porridge, and it was very tasty. The sauce from the frog’s leg on the porridge was spicy, salty, and slightly saltish, bursting with flavors. The tofu was firm on the outside and jelly inside.
I didn’t think the sotong youtiao and the prawn-pasted chicken were worth the money. So little! Although they tasted good–at least this prawn-paste chicken had the taste of prawn paste–these two dishes cannot be matched with the porridge.
There are more seats on the second floor but it is stuffy and hot. You queue up below at the counter to order; and if you’re sitting downstairs, you tell them your table number but if you’re sitting upstairs, they will give you a number. Sort of like in a clinic. They will ping your number on the LCD and you raise up your hand like a good student and they deliver the food.
Minimum service. Love the noisy boisterous atmosphere, even love the heat. I usually eat here when there is no one but we went on a day near Chinese New Year and there were many people, but the food was still good and came fast. As I type this review, I want to go back and eat again!
Tiong Shian Group
265 New Bridge Rd S 088745
T: 6222 3911
Daily 8am-4am
Rating: 4.291/5 stars

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