White Dog Cafe, Vivocity

We wanted to write a parallel review so that Mr. Nice-Gay-Finish-Lust (NGFL) and I could give two sides of our experience but since I concur with his review, I will just insert my comments in red.


One fine day when the sun was bright and shiny, a bunch of bears of the gay variety decided to have an outing. To get technical, not all were strictly bears, some were chubs, some were cubs, some were otters and there’s one particular bear who was in denial of his bearness.

After rolling on the hills and sniffing the flowers [at the horrible Sentosa Wilting Flowers Show], the bears decided to have lunch at White Dog Cafe. Wise Guy ordered the beef goulash ($16.90++) and I ordered the arizona prawns, the lunch special at $10.90++ that came with a bowl of chicken corn soup and a paw size of coleslaw.

The soup and the coleslaw that was sprinkled with fish roe were decent. The prawns were disappointing. They were pan-fried with salt and garlic and would taste better if they were fresh.

Wise Guy’s beef goulash wasn’t much better. When the dish arrived, looking at the beef sitting on top of a bed of mash potato, he exclaimed, “This goulash has too little beef!”. After tasting it, he exclaimed again , “The goulash has too much salt!”. Unfortunately, for Wise Guy, this lunch had no fairy tale ending. The beef goulash was just not right!

What saved the chef from a bear attack was the very good conversation among the bears about the very bad movie love songs playing in the restaurant. The waterfront view helped too.

I’d add that the service was prompt but, besides the manager, the rest of the staff had bittergourd faces. Some of the food are very reasonably priced and too bad that the one I like (beef goulash) isn’t. I should have taken the breakfast set, including eggs, baked beans, sausage, toast, and coffee/tea for only $6.90. The beer is also cheap. The inconsistent pricing makes it difficult to know the target audience of the restaurant. I’d never have come here if not for the group decision–it was empty enough to accommodate a huge group on a public holiday–but I don’t think I’ll ever return to this restaurant.

White Dog Cafe
#02-131 Vivocity
T: 6376 9970
Daily: 11.30am-9.45pm

Rating: 2.314/5 stars

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