136 Hong Kong St Fish Head Steamboat, Chinatown


136 Hong Kong St Steamboat is not in Hong Kong! SURPRISE! It’s not even one of those HK cafes that are springing up everywhere, selling instant noodles and canned luncheon meat but every dumb Singaporean is lapping it up. It is actually an old name. Used to be near Neil Road, it moved 6 months ago to South Bridge Road. At Neil Road, there is an imitation. Don’t fall for it. Gucci rocks but not Cucci.

Emmy and I ordered:
Red Grouper Steamboat ($22)
Prawn ngo hiang (hay chou) ($8)
What in the world was in this fishhead steamboat???? It was pure elixir! Sheer heaven. So sweet and when it reached my stomach, it gave out a warm glow, starting from my stomach slowing warming up to my head. If female orgasm isn’t a myth, then this should be what it feels like. I went out of my mind. The fish was so ample and fresh too. Amazing stuff.
I usually won’t order things like prawn ngo hiang because I like to see the meat I eat and I believe that meat pounded into such a state would lose its nutrients. But if you dip it in the special plum sauce, it was exceptional. Crispy, and the sweetness from the plum sauce coexisted with the sweetness from the prawns.
This restaurant is soooo good I want to go back and eat up ALL the other dishes.
Emmy knows the people running this place–he’s a regular–so they are very friendly to him. The place looks like a food court, but don’t judge a book by its tables and chairs.
Including drinks, rice, peanuts and wet towels, we spent $35. Worth it! Very highly recommended.
136 Hong Kong St. Fish Head Steamboat
291 South Bridge Rd
Singapore 058836
T: 8288 3368 (take away)
Alvin Woon (the boss): 9437 8260
Rating: 4.891/5 stars

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