Bar Bar Black Sheep, Robertson Quay

A sad day, I cried on the phone, asking Hooker Lily to come out. She was freaked out; I never cried before.

Robertson Quay is a bitch to get to when you don’t drive or don’t want to take cab. By the time, we walked, then bus-ed, then walked there, we were ready to eat a cow, and I was emo-eating.
Because there is no service charge, no GST, you have to go to the counter to order but they deliver the food to your table. I ordered and when the food came, it was missing a naan, and seeing the next table of White people paying the waitress, I told the waitress that the order missed out a naan. I ordered it but the counter didn’t key in into the receipt. I asked the waitress if she could order the naan for us, instead of we going to the counter to order again. She said no, we have to go to the counter. I said, “But I saw you taking money from the white guy.” She explained that you have to order everything from the counter but if you want another round of same drinks and only drinks, you tell the waitress. Fair enough and she was polite and sweet. But such an idiot system. Everyone should just order at the counter, regardless the number of rounds.
We ordered: Butter Chicken; Palak Paneer; Cheese Naan; Garlic Naan; Buffalo Wings and two drinks.
The photo of the buffalo wings has my hand in it because my hands were dirty from eating the naan. I believe in using fingers to eat; things taste nicer.
We got this from an insider: Seriously, forget about the Western menu. The buffalo wings were deep-fried, covered with a tomato-based gravy – not at all like buffalo wings. The insider recommends the Indian and Thai food, although she says there isn’t a decent dessert at this place.
Attack the Indian food. I said, “Wow, the Indian food is not bad, considering how it is microwaved.” She said, “No way, there is an Indian chef working in the kitchen.”
I adore ALL the Indian dishes. The Palek Paneer doesn’t even taste like spinach – how wonderful. But the Indian food has also been adulterated to suit the taste of the Angmohs, who account for a large part of their clientele. I don’t mind non-authentic food as long as they are awesome.
Hooker Lily said that she loves the relaxed atmosphere here because the al fresco-ness and the clientele make her feel like she’s in another country. Perhaps that’s what I dislike about it, I thought it was pretentious. You know lah..I’m kampong boy. When I told Mr NGFL about the place, he said, “Oh, it’s just a high class kopi tiam right?”
We paid $18 each.
Bar Bar Black Sheep
86 Robertson Quay
T: 68369255
Mon – Thur: 11am-12am
Fri-Sat: 9am – 2am
Sun: 9am – 12am
Rating: 4.1359/5 stars

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