Frienzie Bar & Bistro, Punggol

We were so excited to be at Punggol, along a stretch of beautiful greenery, with a small hill and a long river – very picturesque. This is the new Dempsey. Between a Chinese cze cha restaurant, Wendy’s, and a Western chill-out place, we picked the last one.

How to get there? If you’re traveling along Punggol East Road, you’ll come to see LRT tracks. Once you past the track, make a U-turn immediately. you’ll see a plant nursery on your left, and you may feel tempted to turn in – but resist the temptation. Immediately after the nursery, at the temple, turn left.

Many beer-drinkers (executives who came after work) at this place, so I suppose the beer is inexpensive? I wouldn’t know because we are teetotalers. We ordered: Buffalo Wings (6 pieces for $8.90); Sirloin Steak ($22.90), and Hot Fudge Brownie ($8.90).

The wings didn’t taste spicy at all, more tomatoey. I requested the steak to be medium rare but it came thoroughly cooked, so it was tough. For $22.90, I could have a set meal at Jack’s Place.

The Brownie was the saving Grace, or more precisely, saving half-Grace, because it was steaming hot. The server took some time to dish it up to us, so by the time it reached us, the ice cream had half-melted (that’s why saving only half-Grace). The table beside us who also ordered brownie had their ice cream still intact because the server probably served it up faster. Although the brownie was delicious, I thought brownie isn’t hard to bake. In fact, when I baked the pre-mix Aunt Jemma brand, it tasted damn good too. Besides, the half-melted ice cream was of a cheap brand.

All in all, the food is not great; there is nothing to complain about the service; the atmosphere is fantastic, with the dark rattan tables and comfortable easy chairs and jazz music by the river. We kept smelling wafts of cze char food from the Chinese restaurant and we suspected we made a mistake in our choice of place. I don’t think I’ll be back to Frienzie for food but perhaps to chillax.

10 Tebing Lane


Singapore 828849

T: 64410393

Mon-Sun: 5pm – 1am

Rating: 2.819/5 stars.

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