Ji De Chi, Plaza Singapura

For your reading pleasure, and to satisfy you, readers, I went to Ji De Chi a few times to try almost everything. I will get diabetes someday but my love for you, readers, are great.

Mango with pamelo ($4). Emmy thought it was overly sour, his face all scrunched up. The waiter explained to us that the dessert is made fresh so it depends on the mangoes they get. Sour mango makes sour dessert. I didn’t think it was intolerable but nothing compared to the version at Mei Heong Yuan Dessert.
Almond Red Bean Pudding ($4). Nothing spectacular. Can give it a miss.
Mixed ball ginger soup ($2.50). I love spicy ginger soup and this one was fierce. Love it. The balls were thin-skinned and had ample filling. I also like the traditional look of pink balls. Used to roll the balls with my grandma – look, grandma, you made me like balls, you made me gay.
Durian with pomelo ($6). This was blardy brilliant! Every time I eat durian, I will get sore throat the next day. I’m not hot, but “heaty.” When I first ate this at the now-closed-down Chinatown branch, it blew me away, it was made of bittersweet durian. So great! The quality of the durian has dropped a little–perhaps a different supplier to save costs?–but still good at any standards. This is a must-order. In fact, I think the entire menu can go to dogs, the desserts are all average to poor, except this durian.
Chee Cheong Fun ($1.20). Because, as Rebecca Black sings, it’s fun fun fun fun! Uninspiring.
All in all, crowded, just eat and leave place, ok service, but seriously, none of the desserts is comparable to Mei Heong Yuan except for the Durian.
Ji De Chi
Plaza Singapura
T: 6337 9828
Rating: 2.891/5 (for most desserts); 4.312/5 (for durian)

Categories: $0-$20, Dessert, Dhoby Ghaut

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  1. >Hi, not sure if you have tried their snowy ice since you said you've tried almost everything on their menu, but since you like durian, have you tried their durian snowy ice? It's damn yummy too!


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