Hillman Restaurant, Little India

Having had such a delightful dinner at Pu Tianon the same stretch of road, the Ex and I decided to try Hillman, an old name. Lucky for us, there were only two of us, so we got the last tiny table, squeezed at a corner. This was on a weekday night! So make reservations. So many Japanese businessmen come here. Want a rich but sadistic husband?

We ordered three of their specialties, which amounts to $40++:
Claypot sea cucumber and pork belly:

Claypot beef and tendons:

Paper-wrapped chicken:
Skip the claypot sea cucumber. The sea cucumber was too tough, and so was the pork belly. Not worth the calories. But wow, the claypot beef was fantastic! The sauce soaked right through the meat, very tender meat. The paper-wrapped chicken was juicy and tender but I don’t really fancy it – too oily and very complicated to pull the flesh out. Sometimes the flesh was stuck to the paper.
Since I never leave a place without desserts, we ordered the only two desserts on their menu ($8++ for two):
Mango pudding:
Almond Jelly:
They tasted normal but were seriously tiny. The spoon you see in the picture is a small spoon, not the normal soup spoon. So you can tell how small the serving was – and for $4 each, it was a little expensive.
The service was very family-kind of service. Since the Ex speaks Cantonese, he got friendly with the aunty. The atmosphere was crowded and the decor was stuck in the 80s. We like it.
Overall, the food was above average and more affordable than Pu Tian. Very, very satisfying. And I’d return to this restaurant over and over again. We spent $60 for two persons but we were so stuffed at the end.
135 Kitchener Road
T: 6221 5073
Rating: 4.109/5 stars

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