Joo Hing Restaurant, Joo Chiat

Makansutra gives this restaurant 6 chopsticks which means “die die must eat.”

Wah, damn difficult to find lor. So ulu. There is a carpark very near the restaurant, opposite it – so don’t be kiasu idiots like the Ex and I who parked 10 streets away and walked 20 minutes to reach it.
There are two sections of the restaurant, one with dimmed lights, very high crass, the other side is like an air con kopi tiam – and I ah Beng, of course more comfortable at kopitiam.
We ordered what the makansultra recommended:
steamed baby sotong with plum sauce ($10+);

prawn paste chicken ($8+);

steamed fish head with lard and bean sauce ($18+).
The chicken was ordinary. We liked the baby sotong, very appetizing, with the sweet plum sauce; the “fishiness” of the sotong was also eliminated. The fish was indeed fresh but the bean paste made it too salty.
Overall, we like it but didn’t think it deserves 6 stars, and won’t go all the way out to eat it. Quite worth the money though. The restaurant gets very crowded, even on a week day, so go early. Prompt service by family or foreign workers.
Joo Hing
360 Joo Chiat Rd
Singapore 427605
Tel: 6345 1503
Rating: 3.9713/5

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