Chezcake Bistro, Joo Chiat

Joo Hing Restaurant had no dessert! Even though I was so full and pui (fat) like Mosses Lim, I still wanted dessert. So walking along Joo Chiat at 9pm, we saw Chezcake Bistro. If u knowz me, u knowz I hatez namez lyk diz. Seriouzly, actz cute.
But the ambience was very lomantic lor, quiet and dimly lit. Too bad I was with the Ex.
We ordered a durian cheZcake to share. More durian than cheZ, sweet with a tinge of saltiness. Not the best thing I’ve eaten – and I don’t think it is worth the calories: cheZ + durian = fat enough to burst an artery.
But the server was a friendly auntie. I love auntie servers because they like chubby boys like me, so I like them back.
At $7.15 (including gst), I think the cake was overpriced. (Coffeebean serves good quality cakes at cheaper prices). I felt like I was paying for the ambience, a spot where one can escape in a red-light district. If you’re running away from a loanshark, drop in for a cake. The shark won’t notice you in this quiet nook. But it’s like running away from a loanshark to go into the arms of another. Or am I a chez-skate?
328 Joo Chiat Rd #01-05
T: 6346 6466
Rating: 2.880/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Dates, Dessert, Joo Chiat

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  1. hey,that’s mean. my best friend’s mom owns that store and she worked her butt off for the store. if u really think that u don’t need to write an article about it


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