Siang Hee Restaurant, Zion Road

We had a friend’s birthday party which was a post-prandial affair, so we had to settle our dinner. I ah beng what, so I only comfort-ab-re (wah lao, why engrish word so long one?) in kopotiam. Can kiao-ka one.

When we, ah lians and ah bengs, were there, the dim dirty-looking coffeeshop was packed lor. And then we saw our fellow ah lian, Xia Xue! She is hot! She was wearing a bamboo leaf (to bao ba-zhang) on her hair, so like Lady Gaga lor. And her two friends are like models, so thin and tall and beautiful. I really, really, really admire Xiaxue for her confidence to stand beside two beautiful people. You know lah, even though morning glory is beautiful among vines, but if you put a morning glory beside two roses, the morning glory is still the flower to grow at rubbish dumps. You cannot photoshop away real life. So really, I take my hat off her, that girl got balls, man. I admire her for having guts to live in a make-believe world.
Then hor…so many cute guys here! I saw one who is really my type, but too bad he has a girlfriend. Sad.
Anyway, the food: We ordered some recommended dishes:
Marmite spareribs
Assam Fish Head Curry ($22)
Deep fried prawns with pumpkin sauce
The Marmite Ribs were crispy and not-oily at all, but no taste of marmite. The Assam fish head curry looked uncooked and freaky. It seemed like the fish was cooked first, and then curry was poured on it, so the fish tasted bland, didn’t soak up the taste of curry. Skip this dish. Prawn with pumpkin sauce: I LOVE THIS because it was a novelty to me. I haven’t eaten pumpkin sauce before, but it tasted a lot like salted egg sauce, even the texture was thick and grainy.
The auntie who was orchestrating the order was great! So feisty, full of spirit and laughter.
Overall, the food was good but too little. But I’m not sure about the opaque pricing. On the bill, it wrote $36.50 but the cashier collected $38.50 from us. Ah Beng very hard to earn money leh.
Siang Hee Restaurant
Blk 89, Zion Rd #01-137
11am-10.30pm (closed on alternate Tuesdays)
Rating: 3.712/5 stars

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