Old Hong Kong Legend, Raffles City

I was very excited. Two chefs from two different Michelin-starred restaurants join forces to create this menu. When we were there, there was lion dance. Very festive.

There was no choice today – only the set menu ($138++) designed by the two chefs:
Chicken Puff with Whole South African Abalone, Veg with spiced beancurd, and Deep-fried beancurd rings:

Bird’s Nest and Shark’s fin with minced chicken

Tempura lobster in Egg Yolk Pumpkin sauce

Signature Braised Pork Belly

Hangzhou Fried Noodles and Brasenia Fishball

Glutinous Rice Balls in Osmanthus Brandy and Black Sesame Paste Pancake

For the appetizer, what was the fried beancurd doing, man? The pastry was rather tasty. The bird’s nest and shark’s fin was very awesome, with huge chucks of fin and balls of bird’s nest. The bird’s nest altered the taste of the soup, giving it a sweetness – so don’t add vinegar. I added mine and it only ruined the taste. My sister loved the lobster in egg yolk pumpkin sauce but she also said that nothing could go wrong with egg yolk sauce. I thought although it wasn’t oily, the lobster didn’t seem very bouncy and fresh. The sauce from the braised pork belly was sedap, but the meat itself still had a porky taste and wasn’t extremely tender. The bread was also not soft and absorbent enough. I like the Hangzhou fried noodles although it was a little oily and didn’t have the wok hei, and was too small a portion. This was the first time I ate fishball in a restaurant. Surprisingly soft like tofu. The broth was tasty too. In the broth, the vegetables had a gelatin wrapping it – Does anyone know what it is? lastly, the dessert: I loved it, thinking the osmanthus brandy was very fragrant and the sesame pancake was smooth, crispy, not oily but my sister hated both, claiming drinking the osmanthus was like drinking perfume and the pancake was ordinary.

The atmosphere was like a noisy, boisterous wedding dinner and so was the service. After we ate, the servers immediately cleared our plates, even though one of us was still eating. This hastiness made it feel like we were being chased. I thought the service and ambience didn’t suit the michelin-star standards.
Overall, we like some dishes but we thought it was too expensive, coming up to $325 for two persons with GST. Not a place we’d visit again. Next!
Old Hong Kong Legend
Raffles City Shopping Center
T: 6336 3038
Rating: 3.810/5 (on food alone); 2.910/5 (on overall worth-the-money-ness)

Categories: >$60, Chinese, City Hall

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