Sakura, Sengkang

I went the first time with my sister and vowed never to go again. Then a few days later, Jolynn and I met at Compass Point, and since she wanted to eat there, I went, hoping it would be different. We ordered:

Crispy Rice Noodle ($6)

Twin Fish Fried Rice ($5)

Vermicelli Salad with addition meat ($10+$3)

Fish Slices, Dried Chili ($15)

The taste of all four dishes was average to slightly below average. What we objected to were:

1. False advertising: The Twin Fish Fried Rice implies two kinds of fish in the fried rice but there was only salted fish! The fish slices, dried chili implies fish slices and not DEEP-FRIED fish slices. Very unacceptable. The menu only has dish names, without photos, very misleading.

2. Expensive: A normal vermicelli salad in a mid-range thai restaurant would be lesser than $10 and would include meat.

3. Atmosphere: the whole rattan furniture with the grey-dim lights gave a very unhygienic feel to the place.

4. Service: Inattentive service. Granted that Jolynn made a few changes to her dish, but the server didn’t pay attention to her order at all. We had to send the vermicelli salad back to the kitchen because there was NO vermicelli in it, and there were fish cake (which we didn’t want). But when it came back, it was obvious that the kitchen just added the vermicelli, the fishcake was still there.

5. Pay for water: the water the restaurant got for free in their kitchen costs $0.45++ a glass.

Overall, this has to be one of the worst place I’ve been and the only redeeming factor is that it is the only restaurant in Compass Point you can get in without a queue.

Compass Point Shopping Center #03-18

Rating: 1.333/5 stars


Categories: $0-$20, Chinese, Halal, Sengkang, Thai

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