Nanxiang Xiao Long Bao Restaurant, Plaza Singapura

Introducing a very important character onto this Food Blog, so important he has a tag of his own, 14K.

14K: this is the first date we have without alcohol.
Me: So am I sober-hot, or am I only drunk-hot?
14K: I dunno, my eyes are too small to see clearly.
Haha, I love a good insult even if it’s on me. 14K spends his calories on alcohol, so he eats little. Therefore we only ordered:
Zha Jiang Mian
Deep fried specialty tofu

I love the texture of the zha jiang mian. A different kind of noodles than la-mian, it’s thicker, less flat, more like spaghetti, springy. The sauce was salty enough, which should be the way. The poor XLB must have been steaming for a long time, looking as flat as a 3-day-old balloon. Thin-skinned, but I thought there wasn’t enough soup, which wasn’t very sweet. 14K doesn’t eat much meat so he ordered tofu. Surprising texture: more like fishcake, bouncy, but it was cold. This must have been prepared long ago and the kitchen didn’t bother to heat it up.
Overall, the food was ok. The decor–very white–was slightly pretentious, like trying to act high class. Ok, I wasn’t really observing the decor; I was trying to see into 14K’s small eyes. Noisy atmosphere, like any crystal jade. Obviously, not a good first-date place. The servers… were too eager to go home. We went at 9, the restaurant closes at 10, and the waitresses kept clearing our plates, even though 14K hadn’t quite finished. But I think I want to go back and try the duck’s tongue because I’m very suaku, never eat before. I’m adventurous that way.
Nanxiang XLB,
Plaza Singapura, #02-01
Rating: 3.0132/5

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