Paradise Inn, Bedok Point

Bedok Point is full of food places. After looking at Kungfu Paradise at first floor, sister branch of Paradise Inn, an imitation of Hong Kong Cafe–I hate HK cafe.. restaurants shouldn’t sell instant noodles–we decided on Paradis Inn. We ordered:

Venison wtih spring onion

Wasabi Prawn

Wintermelon spareribs soup
I suspect my sister loves wasabi prawns and venison with spring onion too but she made it look like I was the one who wanted them. The venison with spring onion was good but a tad oily. Never seen such neon-green wasabi prawns before. Looks radioactive? It was ok, but couldn’t really taste the wasabi. The wintermelon soup – bland. If my mother who almost burnt down the kitchen several times, cooks better soup, then the soup wasn’t very good.
Overall, the China waitress was very polite and sweet. We love her much. But we ordered a cod fish, which she forgot to add. The decor was nice, traditional chinese meets chic modern. The food was good but too expensive. 3 dishes – comes up to $60 (including gst). You can get it for half price at cze char.
Paradise Inn
Bedok Point, #02-01
T: 6447 8083
Rating: 3.291/5 stars

Categories: $20-$40, Bedok, Chinese

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