Great Atlantis, Punggol

I said before that Punggol is the new Dempsey but Punggol is also the new Keppel Bay lor. I used to wakeboard here and now suddenly there are so many seafood restaurants at Punggol Country Club and we picked the one nearest the dock for atmosphere. The restaurant has a wonderful name, Great Atlantis, a lost island, a utopia that is beautiful and peaceful but sank into the sea.
Their specialty is:
It is grotesque how big the giant grouper is… is it even real?
We ordered Giant Grouper belly meat, egg-sauced crab, and mani veg.
Egg-sauced crab ($45/kg, each crab about 900g)
Giant Grouper Meat ($40)
Mani Veg ($12)
The crab was normal.
The giant grouper, we thought it was a little tough, even though it was already the belly meat. I suppose if you grow to such a size, your meat will be old and tough too. The taste was unique, and is worth a try. It has a gelatin cover around the meat, which made it chewy.
We had never eaten mani vegetables before. It tasted like kang kong, but less crispy, more tough, and had a more “green” leafy taste. According to wikipedia, its species name is very sexy, sauropus androgynus – very in worh, androgyny. It is one of the few plants to contain vitamin K, and can help lose weight! But too much of it damages the lungs.
Another specialty is mee hoon in la-la sauce, but too bad we were too few and didn’t have enough stomachs to try it.
I also ordered a special drink, Ba long long juice, a fruit from Malaysia, and you thought ba long long means skiving in Singlish right?:
Ba long-long ($3)
It tasted like green chili and guava mixed together! Very strange. My partner hates it, but I think it takes getting used to. once I got used to it, it was quite appetizing.
At the end of the meal, there was a complimentary sour-sweet guava, very appetizing! My partner obviously loves it, relishing it to the last piece. Good for pregnant women.
The food is very home-cooked. So is the service, full of the family members. The restaurant has a very kampong, kelong feel to it. But sometimes, because the servers aren’t trained and probably aren’t paid, they are slow or forget orders. We waited a long time for our bill. Given such conditions, I thought perhaps $100 is too expensive, although there is no GST and no service charge. My eating kaki said, “Come on, they get their food for free in the sea, and we paid so dearly.” Good experience though.
Great Atlantis
600 Punggol 17th Ave
Marina Country Club
Singapore 829734
T: 6386 0600
Or Johnny Tan, 8123 4671
Rating: 3.291/5 stars

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