Tak Po, Chinatown

Have I mentioned how much I love eating with my friends? They are serious about eating. Look at the amount of food we THREE persons ate. Let me list down: rice with salted fish and steamed minced pork ($3.50); Fried Carrot Cake ($0.90); two baskets of Chicken Feet ($2.80 each); Pork Rib with black bean sauce ($2.80); Char Siew Bun (one small one for $0.90); Crispy Yam Dumpling ($0.90); steamed yam cake ($2.50); two baskets of har gow ($3.00 each); 2 Frog legs with dried chili ($16); two baskets of siew mai ($2.80 each), cheong fun with char siew filling ($3); and not in the pictures are appetizer ($1), Chinese tea ($1 per pax), 2 bowls of plain congee ($1.20 each); raw fish ($5); lime juice ($1.80); cheong fun with prawn ($3); long’an drink ($1.50).

WOW, I finally finished listing the food we ate. Did I also mention that my two friends are WOMEN? Take that, you wimpy-man-who-can’t-eat-much.
It is not true that all items are reasonably priced. For example, one tiny char siew bun costs $0.90. There is also nothing spectacular about the quality of the food, not very fresh, not very well executed. You pay for what you eat… and I don’t know about you, but I’d like to know the ingredients I eat are good.
But that being said, the place was very comforting and comfortable. I love sitting outdoor under the stars, not al fresco lah, not so high crass, outdoor as in outdoor kopitiam style lah, sitting by the roadside of the Chinatown shophouses. The food tasted good and were ample. The service was kopitiam-nice, especially the uncle. The aunties weren’t too friendly. Not a bad place if you are not picky and want fuss-free, no-frills dim sum.
Tak Po
42-46 Smith St, Chinatown
t: 6225 0302
Rating: 3.088/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Chinatown, Chinese, Dim Sum

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