Bar Bar Black Sheep, Bukit Timah

After a hike, hookerlily and I went to the nearby Bar Bar Black Sheep for dinner. As you know, the branch at Robertson Quay received a good review from me. Hookerlily got the steak fries and I had the beef burger. $13 each.
Great disappointment. Hookerlily said she read good reviews on the steak fries but hers was bland and dry. Where was the dressing?
My burger, as you can see, the beef was extremely shy, and shrunk itself, withdrew itself from the public eye. So tiny. And I think the kitchen might be running out of BBQ sauce? So the burger was dry too. Tasted ok, but nothing to rave about.
We asked for chili sauce, and it tasted so strange. I thought it had gone bad, but Hookerlily, who might have tasted other fluids from her profession, said that it was just a strange concoction.
Like the decor, of rough wood chairs and tables, with a rough wood swing, as if in a sylvan al fresco setting untouched by humans. (no air con, hot; by the road, dusty.) The clientele were mostly white. Out of the ten tables surrounding, only two tables are Asians (myself included). And as we walked around the neighbourhood, 6th ave and stuff, the most expensive area in Singapore, we realized there was a highly disproportion of white people. I don’t understand how white people come to Singapore to be rich while Singaporeans live in government housing. There is something not right about the way Singapore is run.
Bar Bar Black Sheep
879 Cherry Ave
T: 6468 9382
Rating: 2.661/5 stars

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