CLOSED: Hookers, Desker Rd

Two of my favorite people in the world, 14K and Hookerlily, hung out at Hookers, a very appropriately named bar at a red-light district, just at the entrance of the back alley of where the hookers are.
The clientele is either young yuppies pretending to be hip (us) or old, sleazy poor angmohs. No air-con, al fresco, along the dirty alley with mosquitoes – the setting is awesome!
We threesome had dinner at Boston Wine Company so ordered a burger to share. It’s a little too expensive, $8, but it was actually quite delicious. Nice fresh buns, and unique beef patty, fresh lettuce. Chunky hot fries with great dips.
But come here for the alcohol. Very cheap. A mug of beer only $5. And for bottles of beer, the place used an insulator wrapped around the bottle to keep the beer cool. Quite considerate.
The beer lady, Chindian who speaks Cantonese, Chinese and Tamil?, is quite a character too, flirting with my 14K, asking him to bring her home, and if he got drunk, she’d bring him too. I wanted to say, “this boy is taken, lady. I don’t want a catfight with you.”
Hookers Bar
120 Desker Road
3pm – 12am
Rating: 3.111/5 stars

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