Emerald Lodge, Mount Faber

Having had such a bad experience at Sapphire, the worst eating experience in my life, I’d hesitate to go to Emerald Lodge, under the same management, The Jewel Box. But 14K brought me there to lomantic lomantic so ok lor.

I already had my dinner and he is anorexic so he ordered Chicken Caesar Salad (12.90) and I had Brownie ($9.90) (why are desserts so expensive these days?):
I asked him to describe the taste of the salad, he actually described it quite well, but I forgot. The overall gist is that it was not bad but he had better.
My brownie was ok too. It wasn’t mindblowing–any word with “blow” in it is a great word–but it wasn’t too sweet, so I could deep-throat everything without any gag reflex. Not bad but I’d better. But at $9.90, I thought it could be better. I mean, the ice cream isn’t even made by them, I suppose. (I love ice cream so I know if it’s home-made.)
I guess people come up here for the view, not for the food.
A thing I cannot stand is the lazy service. I cannot describe it. It wasn’t bad service, but it was just nonchalant, indolent service. Had to ask for water several times. And the servers would stand somewhere nearby to smoke, and we took in 2nd-hand smoke in what is supposed to be a healthy environment of trees and nature.
I think the management could do better. Just because it is the only management around, only option around, doesn’t mean it can anyhow anyhow.
Emerald Lodge
109 Mt Faber Rd
Singapore 099203
T: 6377 9698
Rating: 2.884/5 stars

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  1. >i was there during a weekend afternoon time and had their cream broccoli chicken pasta, not bad I must say. fish & chips were good if not great. at least this is the most affordable eatery on mt faber :) take a bus to Vivo to have desserts from beard's papa instead…and other choices!


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