Peperoni, Bukit Timah

Hookerlily said she craved for Western roti prata. So we checked HGW for the best pizza and Peperoni, at Binjai Park (not the main branch at Greenwood Ave), came up tops. So we trotted down to one of the richest neighborhoods in Singapore. It is under Les Amis group, one of the more established fine dining groups, and I was pleasantly surprise to find a unpretentious little restaurant. I think food should be this way, making good food affordable to most people, kinda like HDB housing.
Being the cheapskate that I am, I calculated that if we ordered 2 large pizzas, it would come to $46 and we could have 4 flavors, but if we ordered a XXL pizza, it is $4 more expensive and there are only 2 flavors. Being the cheapskate that I am, we went for the XXL one! Hey! I’m a cheapskate but I am adventurous, like to try new things and I like big things.
I asked the waitress for some recommendations and she said the popular ones are the meaty and porky pizzas. 14K doesn’t like pork, so I took one of her recommendations, Pancetta with a sunny sideup, and for the other half of the pizza, I picked 4 Formaggi.
Look how huge the pizza was:
Pancetta is salted Italian bacon. The more interesting one is 4 Formaggi, which means 4 cheeses, I think. Unfortunately, I ah Beng, not educated one leh, so I dunno cheeses. I could tell there are probably mozzarella, a fruity cheese, a blue cheese, and one more I can’t taste it out. (Well, I probably could, if I am born rich and learn about the kinds of cheese. But too bad. I ah beng.)
You know how I know the cheeses even though I know nothing about cheeses? Because the pizza was so OUT OF THIS WORLD. Literally. I could actually differentiate the cheeses in my mouth. My friends, they were talking and talking, and when they asked me questions, I spaced out, didn’t reply. Whenever I took a slice of the 4 cheeses, I told them, “Ok, I’m going to be transported into another world. Don’t talk to me, I can’t hear you.” I’m serious. Ask Hookerlily or 14K. So I’m not exaggerating when I say the pizza was out of this world. I bet if you flip it into the sky, it will become a UFO and fly out of this world. I kid you not.
I think the 4 cheeses complimented each other so well, creating a wide range of taste, from mildly sweet to salty, fruity to earthy. Even the blue cheese didn’t stink because its stench was neutralized by others. Quite a spectacular combination. I think it would go very well with red wine.
I always have desserts, you know me by now, and I think desserts should always come with ice cream, to cool down the digestive system after a hot meal. But the tiramisu ($11) and sformato ($12) didn’t. 14K ordered himself a sorbet ($4)of the day, lime.
Skip the tiramisu. The lime sorbet was overly sweet and sour at the same time. The sformato is interesting because of the name, pronounced as ssss-for-ma-to. It is supposed to be baked ricotta cheese with something something. But it tasted like a pound cake. So thank you, Sara Lee may be a cheaper option.
Overall, I love the place and would recommend it for pizzas, not desserts. The service was excellent, without being sycophantic. The servers brought us water at regular intervals. (I love how my friends and I interact with servers, we always have such fun with them.) The rustic but unpretentious feel of the place is a very welcome change from the pretentious high class joints. Reasonably priced.
7 Binjai Park
Singapore 589821
T: 6463 7800
Rating: 4.119/5 stars

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  1. I like the pizzas here too. And the Black Squid Ink Pasta! Visited this place last month (but have not post it back log). If this place is more accessible, I will be here more frequent!


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