TCC, Clarke Quay

14K was in a strange mood that day, he was angry at something. So he took my hand, and stalked all around Clarke Quay. About 3000 people saw us holding hands.
Credit goes to the China waiter at TCC who saw us two men holding hands. He flinched a little, I saw, but he treated us the same. It was late night, about 1am, and I had dinner so I just wanted to snack. It was probably the only place that wasn’t crowded and was still serving food. 14K the alcoholic had a house red wine ($12++), I had a quick seared tuna salad ($13.50++). Hey, don’t judge me for eating salad! I’m gay ok?
Then the China waiter said in a friendly manner, “Oh that’s all?” I saw 14K roll his eyes.
The tuna salad was not too bad, really. I find warm raw-tuna strange but since I didn’t have diarrhea, I reckon it was fresh. The vegetables were relatively fresh too. The sourish dressing with crunchy bits (nuts?) went well with the fishiness and the bitter arugula (which I usually don’t like). But 14K demanded that I should never eat fish again before we kiss.
By the river setting, noisy patrons, not bad food, service could be better by topping up water. But overall, not too bad.
3E River Valley Rd
Clarke Quay
T: 6336 1121
Rating: 3.111/5 stars

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