137 Lor Mee, Tampines

I woke up at 11am and checked my phone. A text was sent at 10am, saying “Your breakfast is hanging outside your house.” It was a very sweet gesture, buying me breakfast, and didn’t even bear to wake me up. I wrote on my facebook, “This is the most delicious thing I’ve eaten in 31 years of my life, better than all the food I’ve eaten at Michelin-starred restaurants put together.”
I half-lied.
The lor mee was good, but not that mind-blowing. Its specialty is that it uses deep-fried fish, which was crispy and fresh but not oily. The sauce was fantastic too, a little spicy, limey, sesame-fragrant, thick but not overly so, very appetizing and savory. It seems that the dish has a myriad of flavors to please everyone. But it isn’t the best lor mee I’ve eaten. (My mother usually buys it, so I don’t know where. I’ll ask her and report back.)
14K said that the stall owners are rude, throwing vulgarities at its patrons.
The stall opens at 6.30am and usually finishes selling the lor mee at 10am. Go early.
What I mean when I say I half-lied is although this isn’t the best lor mee I’ve eaten, it is the best lor mee I’ve eaten.
137 Lor Mee
Blk 137 Tampines St 11
T: 9365 2219
Rating: 4.010/5 (taste alone).

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  1. There are two lor mee that never fail me – bukit purmei lor me and old airport road lor mee. The one at the telok blangah crescent food centre comes a close 2nd.


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