Skinny Pizza, Wheelock Place

Made use of the online coupon which says $28.50 for $45 worth of food! It comes with a main dish, a dessert and a drink of your choice. But no pizza. Thought of going with someone to share this coupon, so we can just order an additional pizza. But nope, nobody wants to me. So it’s just me, alone and I.
I like the decor, gives off a homely feel with whitewashed tiles and lots of wood. But although the wood chairs score aesthetically, they are heavy. The lighting makes the food very photogenic.
I ordered: Ink squid seafood paella ($18); freshly squeezed orange juice ($6.50); and carrot cake ($8).
O. J. first. It’s really, really fresh. Very sour and raw and acidic that it burnt my tongue (I also ate pineapple before this). But still, I love it! Good effort!
When I told my sis I went to Skinny Pizza, she said immediately, “Oh did you order the ink squid?” I am so predictable. Every time I go to a restaurant with ink squid, I’d always order that because I find it so cute. Squirty Squid.
The paella was very tasty, with olive; peppers of three colors; squid, mussels, prawns, tomato, mozzarella, olive oil. This is one of the few restaurants that aren’t stingy with their ingredients. The seafood was ample. However, I thought the rice was too charred and too oily.
I picked the cheap dessert, even though I could have gotten the $11 one, is because I wanted to eat carrot cake. Their carrot cake was so special! It’s jagged-teeth carrot cake. I think it could have been fresher (I suspect it has been there for a while). The cream was sour but the sprinkle of brown sugar (on the top of the slice and on the plate) balanced out the taste – so it’s up to you how sweet you want it to be. Quite original idea. But this would have been great if it’s fresh.
The Indian male server was very polite and attentive and prompt. Full marks.
Good decor, good service, good and reasonably priced food. But one grouse I have is that the restaurant gives false advertising. The coupon costs $28.50. If you add up my meal, it’s only $32.50, not the 40% discount as advertised. Without the coupon, I wouldn’t have ordered the drink and dessert at all. So in fact, I’d spend only $18. But now I’m spending $28.50 and I overate. Being the cheapskate, I should have ordered the most expensive item from each category (the most expensive main [$23]+most expensive drink [$6.50]+dessert [$11], making $40 and with GST, it’s $45).
Skinny Pizza
Wheelock Place #03-04
T: 62357823
Daily: 10am-10pm
Rating: 3.688/5 stars

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