Hatched, Bukit Timah/Orchard: MOVED TO HOLLAND VILLAGE

MOVED: Hatched is moved to 267 Holland Avenue, Holland Village Singapore 278989.


Was on our way to 14K’s company event when 14K said he didn’t really need to be at there. So I said I was hungry. It was dinner time, we were driving around, and I dunno what I wanted to eat. After much deliberation, I decided the best thing to eat for dinner is breakfast! So 14K recommended Hatched.

Situated in an old building with an old carpark, I love the ambience although I don’t know if it is pretentious. The restaurant itself is small, and can accommodate only maybe 20 people? The decorations are nothing much, simple. But guess who we saw????!
She’s surprisingly very pretty and has a glow about her. But she’s too skinny. Her bones are poking out.
We ordered Smoked Royale ($14 for 1 egg, $18 for two); a cowboy burger ($16); fresh milk ($2) and mimosa ($12):
I wish they have the option of skimmed milk, instead of full cream milk. Mimosa is sparkling wine with a hint of orange.
Now the food. Smoked Royale: the same as what I had at eM By the River, poached egg and smoked salmon on top of buttered toasted muffin, with Hollandaise sauce. Compared to eM By the River, which is cheaper, I thought this one is inferior. The poached eggs were too liquid and flowed out immediately. The smoked salmon wasn’t as bouncy and cold. I always eat with my hands for buns and eating this was too messy, unlike how I could eat elegantly with my hands, as elegant as Sharon Au, at eM By the River.
Both Smoked Royale and the Cowboy Burger came with mashed potato, which was dry and powdery.
The Cowboy comes with sunny side up, a beef patty, cheese and caramelized onions. Patty was over-done, hard. Not impressive.
The service was good, the ambience was cozy, but I just didn’t think it is worth paying $18 for lousy eggs. I don’t want to be fastidious, and I seem to be going against the flow here, everyone on HGW thinks Hatched is marvelous. But Hatched didn’t give me the impression that eM By the River did, which is making me feel like my $18 is worth buying 2 eggs. Don’t think I’ll eat here again. But as JB sings, Never say never.
26 Evans Road
Evans Lodge
Singapore 259367
T: 6735 0012
T-Th & Sunday: 8am – 10pm
F-S: 8am – 11pm
Close on Monday
Rating: 2.888/5 stars

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