MOVED: The Wine Company, Bukit Timah/Orchard

MOVED: Outlets are at Changi Village and Dempsey.

Went to the toilet after eating at Hatched and came across this beautiful restaurant. So I went back in to Hatched and said to 14K, let’s eat more breakfast. We were stuffed but we forged on.
How can I not be seduced by the decor? It has four different but complimentary styles. First, there are wooden planter’s chairs with short marble coffee tables, speaking of a colonial era. Along the same stretch of walkway, there are checkered-upholstered armchairs, a more “starbucks” feel, but the design of black-and-white checkers also invoke a bygone era. Notice the same short coffee tables are used to unify the different chairs. In the “garden” of this restaurant, a third design comes in. A more modern look, with rattan patio chairs and wooden tables but this design blends in because of the colors: the brown tables mirror the brown planter’s chairs and the black patio chairs compliments the black and white checkers. All three outdoor designs have an easy casualness. And the last one, the interior, is very sexy. Dimly lit, the restaurant is full of dark wood and marble tabletops and heavy wooden chairs with the shape of the patio chairs. Very nicely decorated!
We ordered the all-day breakfast ($15) with an additional of sparkling wine (+$5) and wine-soaked poached pears ($11):
The all-day breakfast comes with a sausage, eggs (of your style), hashed brown, roasted tomato, bacon, and sauteed mushrooms. Everything was soaked in oil. And they all tasted worse than McDonald’s. The bacon was so overly done it had all shriveled up. Very disappointing. Why is this even on the first page of the menu?
When the wine didn’t appear, I asked 14K if we should cancel it and he said, “My relationship with wine is the same as your relationship with desserts.” But I bet I can cut off desserts.
Wine-soaked poached pears: Love the movenpick ice cream. The pears themselves weren’t bad, tasting like sour pears. But the dessert should have been chilled.
Overall, good ambience, good service, bad food. Don’t eat here. Can chill out here.
The Wine Company
26 Evans Rd
#01-05 Evans Lodge
Singapore 259367
T: 6732 1229
Till late night daily.
Rating: 2.789/5 stars

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