Les Amis, Orchard

Ah Beng go 2 high crass place again! lim pei (me) 1 2 complete the best restoreant list in Singapore. The decor hor, si bei bright lor, si bei bey (very white) lor, and you know ah beng don’t likeS anything bey. Mama say bey attract lightning..can die one ok? don’t pray pray. Restorean suppose to be dark and sexy like Gunther’s mah…if not how the businessmen bring their mediacock actresses-mistresses there.
Serwice is buay pai lah (not bad), but different from Guy Savoy, the best serwice lim pei have. Guy Savoy is friendly and introruce the food proberly but here, the serwice is more leng (cold), more distant, like lim pei already know all the food lor. Diz place obviously for all the Old Money. Not very democratic.
We went for the 3-course set meal ($70 each):
Amuse-bouche. Free food! I ah beng buay hiao (don’t know), I tot diz is sashimi lor and asked for cutlery. 14K, very kiang (smart), sez this one is call canape, eat with hand one. pronounce as ka na bei ok? So crude sounding right the french? I didn’t notice the chip below because it was moist. I thot itz a wanton skin lor. I thot it was fishy but 14K lyke it. he sez very fresh and bouncy. I agree.
Starters: The gratis bread suck, fyi, and I lyke bread. :( Foie gras (addition $12). We both chose foie gras <3 14K sez it’s pronounce as f**k ah-qua. Then i sez is this a french or bangkok restorean? The red thing below is rhubarb. I forgot it’s rhubarb season. I just to not lyke the taste but diz one ok leh. Very sweet. The bits on top of the liver are nougat bits – quite oliginal lah. But the liver itself wasn’t peng kang (cook) proberly, very hard to cut, and it was all mashed up inside. Good foie gras is supposed to be firm, but melts in your mouth. And 2 oily, way 2 oily.
Mains: 14K and I wanted to ordah same thing again – but I thot we can share share mah. So he had Wagyu beef (additional $25), and I took Octopus risotto. Heng (lucky), i nair ordah wagyu. Although tua (big) piece, very tough and not juicy lor. Octopus Risotto: I really don’t like food with foam (I stated my reason here). I think foam veri pretentionious. But diz risotto was ho chiak (delicious). the lice was very favorful, but I thot the octopus still has the sea smelly.
Desserts: we very heart-2-heart lor, wanted to ordah same-same thing again but I changed my mind like a girl change her clothes. So he had 5 chocolates and I had apple pie with yogurt ice cream. Heng again, I tasted the soap and ice kalim from 5 chocolates and it was hollible. The chocorate ice kalim was chao ta (charred) and the soap so chao seng (sourish, bitter) but I have to admit the more you lim (drink) the soap, the ho chiak-er (better) it gets.
My apple pie was normal but the yogurt ice kalim was all-sum (awesome). Sourish like yogurt so it was refleshing.

Pralines and tea.

In seclusion, lim pei feel that the food is mediocre, and that Les Amis isn’t trying hard enough since it is already established. Surprisingly to find a full house on afternoon, and usually lunches at high crass restorean are much cheaper…around $40-$50, but this one is about $125 per pax, if you want to change the food to foie gras and wagyu. The website false advertising lor, never show the additional hidden charges. Not worth the money. Better go to Gunther’s. They are second best, so they try harder.
Les Amis
1 Scotts Road
Shaw Center
T: 6733 2225
Rating: 3.418/5 stars

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