Blu Jaz Cafe, Bugis

We went back twice in two weeks because we had so much fun the first time. It was hot and humid but in a good way. Kinda like those old movies you see, the actors had an oily gleam because the weather was so hot: Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn in African Queen.
For the mains, we had:
Creole Chicken ($11.90)
Chicken Shawarma ($12.90)
Beef Shish Kebab ($14.90)
Cecelia let me taste her Creole Chicken and it was tasteless. You can taste the grill on it – but that’s it. Hookerlily didn’t let me taste her shawarma–that sounds wrong–but THANKS for making this review complete! My Shish kebab was tough and tasteless if you don’t dip into the sour cream sauce.
We ordered sides:
Cheesesticks ($7)
Fried Chicken
Ice Cream ($3.50 for first scoop +$1 for another scoop)

The pictures above may not represent the real quality since I always eat and forget to take photos! Haha. The sides were all average to poor. The cheesesticks weren’t hot enough; the calamari was sinewy, tough to dissever; what could go wrong with fried chicken?; I could buy a tub of marigold ice cream with $5, which they served only 2 scoops.

We all had daiquiri ($13) and I had margarita the last time. Pineapple daiquiri was very refreshing but the alcohol content varies from glass to glass.
The strawberry shisha smelled so lovely and cost about $18. But we didn’t order it this time.
The service was actually great if you can get their attention. I like the uncle server and the Malay/Filipino curvy waitress with full lips. Very friendly and obliging.
The clientele is (strangely) mostly white and since hookerlily is SPG, that’s why we hung out here. But I don’t think the white people hanging out here are very successful? (Seriously, what’s the point of hooking up with unsuccessful white people?) I saw a few counting their coins for the bill.
I love the live jazz band. Although the music wasn’t very good, it created a good atmosphere. But the music could be loud and prevents conversation; it gave Hookerlily a headache. But the double bass player is so HOT! I love a man with flexible fingers. And he’s with a goatee. Tickle, tickle, tickle! You know tickle where lah.
Despite the quality of food, I think I recommend this place highly because it’s fun fun fun fun. Coming here is like coming to a foreign land, Egypt or Turkey maybe. There is a carnivalesque atmosphere to it. (ps: someone, please tell HGW that the food is middle eastern and not mexican.)
Blujaz Cafe
11 Bali Lane
Rating: 2.21/5 (for food alone); 3.58/5 (overall)

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