Aroy-Dee Thai Cafe, Dhoby Ghaut

Jo was out to punish me. Seriously. On normal days, if I ask not to go to a certain place, she won’t mind but I was late so she insisted to go to Sunshine Plaza for thai food. Which is way too far.
Left the decision up to her and she ordered:
Yum Voon Seng (glass noodle with seafood salad, $6)
Green Curry (this one comes in a set, with rice and a drink)
Khai Jhia Mu Sap (Omelette with ground pork, $4)
Tom Yuum Goong ($6)
Each one tasted good with ample ingredients. Nothing out of this world, but up to standards. The waiters are fast and efficient but the lunch crowd gets too much for them sometimes. No setting to speak of: Jo said to sit outside along the corridor even in this inhumane heat. Sitting in the cafe is very stuffy.
The only gripe I have is that the menu shows $6 for tom yum goong (we paid $8) and $4 for omelette (we paid $5). I left a comment on their webpage, waiting to get a reply.
Overall, cheap and good! I love food like this. Recommended if you work around the area.
Aroy-Dee Thai
91 Bencoolen St
Sunshine Plaza
T: 6336 8852
Email: Aroydeethaifood@gmail.com
Ratings: 3.555/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Dhoby Ghaut, Thai

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