Closed: Cottage Waffle Place, City Square Mall

Got a coupon from one of the dealsXXX.com website. $12.90 instead of $19.90.
It was a kiosk at the basement of a shopping mall – no atmosphere, no decor, which is fine. Then the chocolate fondue came. There is a reason why Haagen dazs’s fondue costs $60 and this one costs $12.90. The chocolate was probably hershey’s liquid syrup, and it wasn’t even hot. The ice cream was horibble, marigold-standard ones, which wasn’t freeze to rock-hard. (Fondue ice cream has to be rock hard because the chocolate is hot.) The waffle was flat, and dry and not hot. It was made some time ago and the server heated it in a microwave. The fruits were browning.
14K left it all to me because he’s so picky with food. Goodness, I need to find a date who eats everything.
I don’t understand the coupon thing. If you’re offering a discount, it means that your business is bad. And you should take the chance to attract customers but instead, the place serves inferior food. Sooner or later, it will collapse.
Cottage Waffle Place
City Square Mall
Rating: 1.013/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Dessert, Little India

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