Shou la Shou Beijing Restaurant, Little India

Located at a corner between the intersection of Jalan Besar and Hindoo Road, you can’t miss Hand-hold-hand-hold-face Restaurant. That’s the England translation for the Chinese restaurant: 手拉手拉面. Do you know why it’s called hand-hold-hand? Near the closing time, the restaurant played a very, very Cheena song, you know, sang with a spirited female voice with the lyrics: we hand-hold-hand (我们手拉手呀…). This must be where the restaurant derived its name from! I bet the song is like their anthem, played at the opening and closing of the restaurant, like “Majulah Singapura” playing before and after tv programmes! Here is some visual aid for you to imagine the song:

(lesbians! The one holding a pen-is the femme, and the short hair is butch!)
Eating here is all about expectation management. The first time, my luo kun (doctor) friend told me how fantastic it was and I had the la mian (noodles) and Xiao Long Bao (XLB), and they were disappointing.
This time, I came here with The Ex, who lives in Little India and has been coming to Hand-Hold-Hand-Hold-Face Restaurant. He said that although the restaurant claims to be good in la mian and XLB, it’s their non-specialty that is good.
We ordered:
Tri-egg Spinach ($9.80)
Seafood Fried lice ($6.80)
chive pork dumplings ($4.80)
Nothing to boast about, but value for money and better than your average cze char stall. If you work around the area, go ahead. But don’t need to travel from Jurong lah. It’s like you travel from one heartland to another heartland, you might as well go Holland V and piss Samantha off.
Shou La Shou Beijing Restaurant
141-143 Jalan Besar
t: 6297 1398
11am – 11pm
Rating: 2.951/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Chinese, Little India

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