MOVED: Nicolas Le Restaurant, Tanjong Pagar/ Chinatown/ Outram

Moved: Restaurant has moved to 10 Teck Lim Rd.

Hookerlily messaged at 12.45pm and said “Let’s go Nicholas Le.” And I was there at 1.15pm. How too fast too furious am I! Make sure to make a reservation because it was packed but luckily, the manager got a table for us in a small room without the restaurant. I think it would be a very intimate place to hold celebrations. If I have money, I’ll throw my birthday party here. When I checked-in on Facebook, someone commented George Yeo was here! Man, he really knows how to enjoy life.
Hookerlily told me that she thought she was looking for “Nicholas Le” restaurant, “Le” being the last name. This was my reaction: ._.”
“Le” means “the” in French ok?
Lunch set menu costs $45++ but if you come to dinner, it’s $200+. Worth it!
Amuse-bouche. “Bouche” means “lips” in French, so amuse-bouche is a lips-amuser. I don’t like bread that is baked till it’s dried and crispy but with the pate of fish (I say it’s tuna, but can’t really tell), it was brilliant. The pate had no taste of fishiness at all, and the slight saltiness of the meaty pate complimented the hardness of the sweet bread.
and OMG OMG OMG. I bet the chef was showing off with the half-boiled egg. You’d say Ya Kun also got what. WRONG. The egg had truffle oil in it, which brought out the flavor of the egg and took away the eggy staleness of the lingering taste which caused bad breath. AWESOME. I’ve tasted white asparagus before and this was the sweetest one. I teared eating this one.
Come on, even FREE food was so good! I was wondering if the rest could match up.
Appetizers: Scallop carpaccio (marinated with ponzu and ikura [salmon roe]) and wild atlantic cod, crusted with masago (capelin roe) with spanish chorizo in saffron emulsion. That’s a whole lot of strange names.
Scallop carpaccio: Carpaccio means raw. I learnt this from Michael Jackson. During the child molesting cases, there was a write-up of his queerness, including his eating habits. He ate tuna carpaccio for breakfast daily. Ponzu is a Japanese citrus-based soya sauce with a very slight vinegar taste but not at all tart. Raw food is easy to prepare right? WRONG. The way the scallop was sliced and the amount of ponzu would affect the taste. When Hookerlily ate mine, she loved it so much. I love the freshness and the sauce was mixed so evenly but not masking the taste of the scallop. This is the taste of mountains (ponzu) and sea (scallop)… but I can’t help to think the slices could be cut better.
Wild Atlantic Cod: Chorizo is the spanish version of lap-cheong. Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice, a slight bitter taste, which causes the yellow of rice in arab dishes. It’s antioxidant, anticarcinogenic (meaning it cannot enter casinoes at MBS), good for eyesight and reduces the effects of PMS and depression and Alzheimer’s. When I ate this, I teared. The fish was firm to the fork but melted completely in the mouth, so smooth and soft and sweet like snow. Amazing.
Main: The menu said organic quail but a replacement of pigeon was made. I’ve been arguing with Hookerlily about the difference between quail and pigeon. I say that there is hardly any difference between them; it’s like chicken and duck or goat and sheep. She asked the manager who said that quail is white meat and the pigeon is dark meat. Like chicken and duck lor! Seriously, if you have eaten quail and pigeon before, they taste very similar, both are less sinewy than chicken, with a less “meaty” taste.
Confit of pigeon, with pigeon meat, and duck sausage with risotto flavored by thyme and rosemary. Confit just means food that has been stored and cooked in its own fats, usually using the leg of the animal. I know the bloodiness looks scary but the meat was tasty, without much flavoring so you could savor it in its original taste. Don’t quite like the duck sausage–a little tough. You could dip the meat in the sweet sauce. The risotto was the star here; very full bodied and sweet.

Desserts: platter, from left to right, chocolate fondant, lemon cheesecake, dark chocolate ice cream, poached pear in juice. The girls love the dark chocolate ice cream – and I teared eating it. It was orgasmic. But much as I like chocolate–anything chocolate is a crowd pleaser–I thought the lemon cheesecake was sensational. You can taste the elements of lemon and cheese all in your mouth. It was more subtle and harder to please. So great. I teared again. The chocolate fondant was hot (not warm) and moist, a shameless crowdpleaser! and the poached pearwas lightly, fruity sweet, a delightful and refreshing way to end a row of heavy desserts. I love all four and couldn’t decide which one I love more! It’s like picking between Hugh Jackman (representing chocolate fondant), Brad Pitt (lemon cheesecake), Enrique Iglesias (ice cream) and Matt Damon (pear). How to choose?!?!

The service was excellent. I like servers who leave us alone. The decor could be sexier but it’s still good.
Overall, a lot of heart went into the food. I say this ranks among the best restaurants in Singapore, superior to Jaan and Les Amis and Iggy’s, and on par with Gunther’s and Guy Savoy. I can’t wait to bring 14K to this place!
Nicholas Le Restaurant
31 Keong Saik Rd
T: 6224 2404
Rating: 4.898/5 stars

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