PS Cafe, Ann Siang Hill

Second time I’ve been to this branch at Ann Siang Hill. An obscure place to find. You have to walk to the end of the road and climb the stairs. The sign at the door says that children are not welcome at this branch, which is awesome – I love children but they can be so noisy. Can you already tell how gay PS Cafe is? PS Cafe came from a local fashion clothing line, Project Shop Brothers and if you haven’t been to the shop, the clothes are tiny, tight, black and meshed fishnet stockings – and they are for men. Their Size 4 (the largest) is a Medium size for other brands. In the 90s Singapore, Project Shop Brothers was synonymous with gay men; if you are gay, you must own a PSB shirt, and vice versa.
Although PS Cafe branches are all very gay, with its gay and gaytastic decor, I avoid them like plague because, having eaten 4 times at Dempsey and Paragon branches, I decided that PS Cafe is a ripped off. The food was mediocre and you are overcharged for its ambience, and a need to be seen. I can’t support a gay but lousy business just because. I hate pretentious places.
Of all the branches, Ann Siang Hill branch must be the gayest because it used to be a gay sauna. Wonder where the bleach smell is coming from? Check if you step on anything gooey. Don’t take your shoes off. But since we had nowhere to go, and we weren’t eating mains, we came here. I love the serenity of the restaurant. So quiet. But guess who I saw???
The second gayest celebrity (Kumar has to be the 1st) was eating with his family! <3
We ordered 3 alcoholic cocktails, 2 teas, and a cake recommended by the waitress, Buttersc(r)otch Banana cake with ice cream ($12.90++) because the waitress said, the best selling cake, double chocolate, is very sweet.

Guess what? Surprise! This cake was overly sweet too! It was just a normal piece of banana cake with butterscotch sauce (made of brown sugar, corn syrup and butter, all contributing to diabetes and heart attacks). The ice cream definitely was not made by them, but retailed from others (maybe movenpick). This is suppose to be their 2nd best cake, and it was ordinary.

The ambience was great, and I love the jazz music. I always listen to jazz when I wind down at night. But Hookerlily commented the place was very “naturalist…because there are ants everywhere.”
Service wasn’t top-notched either. A new waiter wasn’t well-trained enough to handle our order so he requested help from a more experienced waitress, and the new waiter didn’t stand and learn. He just walked away. So he didn’t relay the order we placed with him to the waitress, and that order was lost. After a while, when the order with him hadn’t arrived but the drink ordered from the waitress had, we knew that he missed our order.
We paid $90 for 5 drinks and a cake and didn’t think the price was worth it. However, this hidden place is less pretentious than the other branches (because it’s less crowded). Next time, I’ll come here and order the cheapest thing on the menu, just to enjoy the environment.
PS Cafe
45 Ann Siang Hill
t: 6222 3143
Rating: 2.989/5 stars

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