Nazt Bistro Lounge, Club St

I started a food blog for many reasons. Among which, I want to keep memories because you only eat with your friends, not enemies (unless you’re in a Shakespeare play). And the best memories of my friends are with food.
14K brought me to a cozy little nook along Club St. He only said, “This is where I spoke to you on the phone for the first time.” So I knew he was trying to remember me, how I was like.
The place was dimly lit – sexy. But an ubiquitous decor (as shown in the picture). The service was excellent, and very attentive. It’s a competition to try to finish half a glass of water before the waiter noticed and came to top up. Usually, the waiters won.
I always say you should judge a restaurant for the gratis bread they serve. I am mostly right (but in the case of Nicholas Le Restaurant which had cold bread, I was wrong). This bread was warm and–we asked for the butter–went very well with the sweet butter, giving the bread a milky taste.
We shared an appetizer, Escargot on pastry ($12++). While the pastry (on the bottom of the escargot) was tough, almost harder than the metal knife, the escargots were chewy–had a texture of see hum–and the earthly taste was completely eradicated by the mushroom cream sauce.
Mains: I had a Lobster & Scallops ($32) and he had Striploin ($33). The lobster was a whole (you only see the head in the photo), roughly the size of fingers to my palm (i’ve big palms, and what they say about men with big hands is true). The scallops were chopped into small pieces (about a quarter of a scallop per piece) and put at the head of the lobster. I thought the portions were sad although you can taste the grilled shell infused in the fresh meat. Like escargot, it used the cream-based sauce and I thought there was a lack of originality. But the veg and fries behind the lobster absorbed its essence and were quite tasty.
Don’t order the striploin. Tough.

Dessert: English Trifle. layers Solidified custard and sponge cake and blueberries jam, topped with whipped cream. A little too hard for me. Not particularly exciting, and too much calories. Good thing: it wasn’t very sweet.

All in all, a good and satisfying meal. A bistro that deserves more customers.
Nazt Bistro Lounge
54/56 Club St
Singapore 069431
T: 6223 3868
Rating: 3.292/5 stars

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