The Cathay Restaurant, The Cathay/ Dhoby Ghaut

(Photo taken off Cathay Website)
One word: BUFFET. 1-for-1 dinner at $70.
My friends are so awesome that we could eat all the 68 dishes on the a la carte menu.
You can only order 1 bowl of sharks fin soup per person and 1 fish (steamed or deep fried) per table and 1 bowl herbal prawn per table. Some of the dishes include: appetizers (the kind you eat at wedding dinners); soups (such as fish maw soup, hot and spicy soup); prawns in various style (salad, wasabi, curry, oats); meat in various Chinese cooking style (venison, beef, pork (sweet and sour), chicken); vegetables and beancurd in various styles; rice and noodles; and Chinese desserts.
These are some of the dishes we ordered:
salad prawn


Eggplant with tofu
Sweet and sour pork
Cathay Chicken
Wasabi Prawn
Sharks Fin
Dessert: 千丝万里 (thousand silk ten-thousand miles)
The food was average, nothing spectacular, except for Cathay Chicken and desserts. The chicken meat was tender and the skin was very crispy. The little bits on the chicken were sweet to the salty chicken. For the desserts, I tried 7 out of 9 of them! (I’m so getting diabetes.) The good ones are: almond paste (smooth and not overly saccharine), 千丝万里 (strands of melon in long’an drink); herbal jelly (bitter enough and the Chinese believe bitter is good); lotus paste pancake (hot, crispy, not oily).
However, the food took some time to be dished out.
For the setting, don’t be deceived by the photo at the start of this entry. It felt cramp and not as classy – but it’s just a normal Chinese restaurant.
The servers needed to be instructed what goes on. For example, there are three types of sharks fin and the sharks fin is limited to a bowl a person. The menu was unclear. So we asked the waitress whether we could order 1 bowl from each type or just choose 1 bowl only. We had to ask 2 times. Furthermore, we ordered steamed fish but it came as deep fried fish. But besides the lack of knowledge, the waitresses were polite and nice.
Overall, I think paying $40 is worth the money! But come in a big group of monsters! and come in even numbers. (1-for-1)
Cathay Restaurant
The Cathay
Rating: 3.303/5 stars

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