Two Chefs, Commonwealth

Despite all the fancy restaurants I’ve been lately, I’m still a kampung gay beng at heart. I may be the only gay in the kampung (Little Britain comedy joke here, get it?). I still like cze char food best.
We ordered three of their must-order specialties and one not-specialty:
Golden Mushroom Beancurd ($8)
Honey Chicken ($8)
Butter Pork ($12)
Tri-egg spinach ($10)
Rice at $0.50 a plate.
The golden mushroom beancurd had a surprising spicy and (I thought) unpleasant tinge to the starchy sauce (my sister thought the beancurd was savory, I didn’t). The honey chicken tasted different from other places, no lemon here, more crispy, and lesser of a honey taste; it’s like sweet and sour chicken without the sour. I think it’s a joke that I order tri-egg spinach everywhere I go but none of them can match Pu Tian’s, so I kept trying to find a place as good as Pu Tian’s. This tri-egg spinach had to be the worst I’ve eaten.
The only marvelous and innovative dish, I thought, was the butter Pork. My sister has her prejudices and dislikes sweet food but I believe the taste was so unique. By itself, without the milk powder, it tasted like the honey chicken but less jelat, less excessive but with the sweet milk powder (tasted like condensed milk), it was very sweet and milky but not in a sickeningly way. But the pork was tough.
A zinc corrugated roof coffeeshop, sitting beside a drain, rats squeaking, flies buzzing, unhygienic as unhygienic can be— I love it!
Service: The male boss/manager has a very cheerful and happy attitude but the female waitresses were nonchalant and gruff.
In conclusion, I thought of all the famous cze char places I blogged about, Two Chefs is the worst. I love the kampung atmosphere but the food was so-so. Come early (about 6pm) if you don’t want to queue but I wouldn’t queue.
Two Chefs
Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent
Mon: 5pm-11.30pmTue-Sun: 1145am – 230pm; 5pm-1130pm
Close on last Monday of month
Rating: 2.913/5 stars

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