Ice Cream Chefs, East Coast

14K brought me here because I wanted ice cream when I was drunk. The concept of Ice Cream Chefs is similar to Cold Stone in US such that you can chao-kway-tiao-ing toppings into the ice cream. That’s why they need “Chefs.” We ordered: durian ice cream; strawberry ice cream mixed with brownies (suggested by the server) and honey green tea ice cream mixed with strawberry ice cream mixed with tim tam.
The ice cream was so-so. And I would even rank it the lowest among all the ice cream specialty shops. The durian ice cream cannot hold a candle to Blic’s. The selection of toppings and ice cream was too few. There were only 7 flavors of ice cream. We spent a total of $13 here.
Although the ice cream was so-so, parking is free in the condo (press 0106, the unit number of the shop, at the gantry). The service was good and friendly, playful. The decor is of a cheesy plastic pink, but no one comes here for the decor. A very tiny place.
I don’t really fancy the ice cream but I don’t mind the place. Strange?
Ice Cream Chefs
520 East Coast Rd
Ocean Park Condo
Rating: 2.788/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Dessert, East Coast

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