Jones the Grocer, Dempsey

For your pleasure, I went to Jones the Grocer twice because it wasn’t serving food at 5pm on Sunday. I went back on a weekday and sat from 3pm to 8pm to sample the lunch and dinner menu. Jones has different menu for different times of the day. Call them to find out.
Snack: Lamb, mint and rosemary sausage ($12.50). Tasted ok but extremely oily and not hot.
The main:
Wagyu beef pie ($14.50). Very hot, freshly baked. Love the generous amount of beef. But I thought the tomato paste was too sweet and too much, overpowering the taste of beef. It reminded me of a homemade pie, not the best, but heartwarming.
The sweets:
Strawberry Cupcake ($4)
Chocolate Pudding ($11.50)
Red Velvet Cake ($8.50)


Ice Dark Chocolate ($6.50)
The strawberry cupcake was melting, as though the cream had been left in the open for a long time. I love red velvet cake in general and this one, I ate a mouthful and told the waiter to clear it. Worst red velvet cake I’ve ever eaten in my life. See the sponge portion? It was dense and bland. I didn’t expect iced dark chocolate to be milk with hershey’s chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. I excepted it to be very dark and sexy and rich, like Enrique Iglesias.
the chocolate pudding was to die for. It’s more like a cross between chocolate lava cake and a souffle. It wasn’t particularly rich or mindblowing but the awesomeness came from its freshness-from-oven factor and the sweetness was balanced by the sour berry sorbet.
The decor is a lazy Sunday kinda decor, with communal tables for sharing. Patrons are a good mix of SIngaporeans and angmohs, which I like. Diversity rocks.
The service was friendly but careless. For instance, my beef pie came together with my dessert, chocolate pudding. Or when the beef pie came, it came without cutlery and the waitress just hopped away. My glass of water was empty for some time.
Overall, the food is a mixed bag. The lunch was hot and freshly prepared, although it tasted mild while the dinner was cold and substandard. I don’t recommend coming here for food, not even for the chocolate pudding. It’s a place to be seen, not eat.
Jones the Grocer
9, Dempsey road, 01-12
T: 6476 1512
Rating: 2.643/5 stars

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