Werner’s Oven, East Coast

We made a reservation for 7.30pm and we arrived on time but they gave our seats away. What is the point of making reservations when they give seats out like that? We waited 4 minutes for another table.

Knusperiege Schweinhaxe (Pork knuckle, $21.50)
Grunkohl mit Rauchwurst und Kassler (pork loin and sausage, $23.50)
Chicken Steak ($14.50)
Chicken Steak ($14.50) was excellent, crispy skin, tender meat, in its own original taste without any sauce. But my sister commented that it was like any kopitiam standard and I concurred. Fries were probably from those supermarket ones.

Grunkohl mit Rauchwurst und Kassler (pork loin and sausage, $23.50) comes with kale and sauteed potatoes. Yes, kale is salted vegetables, from the hakka dish 梅菜扣肉. The sausage was bursting with flavors. The potatoes were delightful. But everything was over oily and salty. I think this would go well with beer, but by itself, it’s like drinking ocean water.

Knusperiege Schweinhaxe (Pork knuckle, $21.50) with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut (which is pickled cabbage). Their specialty. But very disappointing. Firstly, we waited about 40 minutes for the dish. (We sat down at 7.30pm and when my friend who was late came at 8.10pm, the dish wasn’t here yet.) And when it arrived, you can see from the photo that it was hard, too hard.

Green Apple Pie ($6.80)
Warm Chocolate Cake ($6)
Rote Grutze ($6.80)


Green Apple Pie with ice cream ($6.80) was disappointing. The pastry was just limp, not crusty and crispy. The warm chocolate cake with ice cream ($6) was false advertising because we thought it would be the lava molten kind, but it turned out to be just a piece of chocolate cake. But despite that, it tasted very chocolatey. Rote Grutze ($6.80): sago in raspberries and sour-sweet cherry puree, topped with vanilla sauce. That’s how it tasted like. Good but nothing out of the world. I think it would be better if they replace the vanilla sauce with vanilla ice cream.
Ambience: looks and feel like a 80s Jack’s Place. Family-run. Crowded, with either families or large group of friends.
Service: The perankan(?) taitai strolled around and recommended their specialties. I love her condescending attitude!! Super cool. But for the rest of the servers, they did it perfunctorily. I think maybe they are zombies?
Overall, I don’t think it deserves such a high rating on HGW. So-so to below-average food. I don’t know why it was so crowded.
Werner’s Oven
6 Upper East Coast Rd
Hacienda Grove
T: 6442 3897

Rating: 2.552/5

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