Ramen Monster, Novena Square

We didn’t know what to eat at Novena Square and wandered about the place; we kept going back to Harry’s because 14K’s subconscious alcoholism guided his feet. So we settled for Ramen Monster, facing Harry’s, beside Mos Burger.

I wonder if they name this place after Lady Gagay. You know, she calls her fans “monsters.”
We ordered Negi Ramen ($9.90) and Spicy Ramen ($10.50) at the counter and the server will deliver to your table. Each ramen comes with an egg and two pieces of pork. Add $3 each for a set, which includes gyoza (fried dumplings) and free flow of green tea or ice lemon tea.

14K got the Spicyone. When I tasted the broth, I thought it was horrible. Went straight to my throat and choked me.

I got negi, which is their normal ramen topped up with green onions. While I wondered if it was worth paying $1 more just for green onions, I thought the broth was tasty and light. It wasn’t as heavily spiced as other ramen places, but different strokes for different folks. The portions were ample, and I wondered why other reviewers said it was meagre.
The pork comes in original or lean. We took original and it was not tender.
The noodles also come in a choice of thin or thick and since we are skinny, we chose thin. Like attracts like. The noodles were ok, not as springy as other places.
I love watery yolk in hard-boiled egg, but there was no consistency. My yolk was very watery inside while 14K’s egg was hard throughout.
The Gyozas were oily and bland.
There is an offer that if you finish the big bowl of ramen ($21) within 20 minutes, you’ll get it for free. By free, it means you will receive a $21 voucher from the shop.
Overall, the standard is the worst among the ramen i’ve eaten because I think this ramen shop caters to students and young adults. The shop is decorated very cutesy, with cartoons painted on it and the pricing is suitable for young people. But at the very least the food met the least standard of what a ramen should be.
Monster Ramen
Novena Square
T: 6356 4710
Rating: 2.869/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Japanese, Novena

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  1. Lousy reviewer. No sense of what good ramen should taste like. This place serves good ramen for good value. The ice lemon tea is favorsome and refillable. The soup of the spicy ramen is tasty. If your tolerance of spiciness is low, order something else. If the noodle is more springy, u will probably be vibrating in your mouth.


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