Oriental Chinese Restaurant (东方美食), Chinatown

Mushroom vegetarian noodles ($4.50)

Chinese Prata (葱油饼) ($3.00)

Dumplings ($5)

Stirred fried vegetables (豆苗) ($6)

BBQ skewers ($1 each)

This is the third time I came to this restaurant. If you walk along this stretch, you’d know this restaurant is always the popular one. As you can see from the photos, Hookerlily and I ate till we burst and the damage only came up to $30. Value for money.

But given the price, don’t expect fresh ingredients or out-of-the-world experiences. The food was satisfactory and tasty but all of them were overly greasy. Resist the temptation to order the skewers because they are heavily spiced and dry, not designated for Singaporean tastebuds.

The clientele is mostly PRCs, so you know the food is authentic. But I’ve seen Japanese businessmen coming here too. The ambience is a boisterous kopitiam. The inside is stuffy but if you sit on the outside, on the pavement, everyone sees what you’re eating.

Another good thing is that they open till 5.30am everyday.

I’d recommend this place for a hearty meal that may trigger a heart attack but you’re the atas kind–not like me, ah beng–then you might want to skip this.

Oriental Chinese Restaurant
195 New Bridge Rd
Singapore 059425
T: 6227 7769

Rating: 3.228/5 stars

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