Tsuru Tsuru Tei, The Central

Did a little sleuthing online. It seems that before Tsuru Tsuru Tei, there was a shop called Tom Ton in the same location; both Tsuru and Tom are under the same management, Tampopo! I suspect that Tom Ton had bad press, so they change the name to make it seem like it’s a new shop?

Ordered their specialty, Shabu Shabu Ramen ($22 with GST). It’s sad when you see the broth coming with chili flakes. The flakes are there to make up for the lack of richness of the broth. The ingredients–a few thin strips of black pork, bamboo, green onion–were very lonely and sad. That being said, because it wasn’t excessive, so you can finish drinking the broth.

The teething problem of the service, mentioned by some reviewers, has been resolved, so the service was actually good and we had several rounds of refill of ice green teeth. However, one of our food came very late – think the order was forgotten by the chef.

I did an informal poll around the table of 8 and we all agreed that Marutama Ramen is the best.

It is no wonder why such a nicely decorated place–dim lights, and dark wood–was quiet on a weekend. Good if you’re looking for a quiet spot and not picky about your food.

Tsuru Tsuru Tei
The Central (Clarke Quay MRT)
Singapore 059817

Rating: 2.803/5 stars


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