MOVED: Le Bistro Parisien, Haji Lane

MOVED: to V Hotel, 48 Bencoolen St.

Bought two coupons from those online discount things because this place seems interesting from the write-up: The first Halal French food. And the menu is very quaintly hand-written. The prices are ridiculously expensive, so buying the coupons would lessen the cost. Made a reservation in the late afternoon, and was told that they were fully booked on the second floor, so we had to sit on the first. This is how the first floor look like: It was the front of a kitchen, so the heat was incredibly stifling. When we were there, we asked the (Indian) waiter to show us to our seats. And the waiter told us to wait while he checked…and then he walked away. We stood sillily for a while until a Chinese waitress came to ask us why we were standing around, and she immediately went to check and immediately showed us our seats. After a while, we asked to move outside, so we sat along the road. (See the first photo, we sat on the red chairs ON the road, very dangerous, cars were zooming past.)

Veal Bone-Marrow ($21) None of the servers spoke French and I wondered why the menu was in French. For appetizers,we shared the Veal Bone-Marrow ($21), the very first time we were eating bone marrow. We were adventurous. It was topped with bordelais sauce (red wine and onions) with ratatouilles of wild mushrooms. I usually finish everything on my plate because I was brought up from young never to waste food but I couldn’t even eat this. As I was eating, I wanted to throw out. The sauce was drizzled on the bone marrow, so the bone marrow didn’t soak up the sauce, and still tasted of blood. The gelatin texture of the bone marrow was disgusting, slimy. And everything was just soaked in oil. I said, “14K, don’t eat it. Don’t force yourself.” He said, “But the chef is sitting at the table behind us.”

Stewed Lamb with potato salad ($23)

Veal Tenderloin with wild mushroom sauce ($38) Quite strange that 14K and I wanted the same two things, Stewed Lamb ($23) and Veal Tenderloin with wild Mushroom sauce ($38) so we tasted both to see which one we wanted. After tasting, we wanted neither. Both dishes were drenched in oil; come on! we are having a petrol crisis here! save the oil. The veal was rather tender, I must say, and the stewed lamb didn’t have that lamb stench. We didn’t have desserts because they could be found at Cold Storage. Overall, the best thing here is that there is no GST or service charge. Even though we had fun living on the edge, sitting dangerously on the road, the ambience of the place didn’t match with the exorbitant price of the food. The food was terrible and couldn’t justify the price of it. I like the hearty, friendly chef, but shouldn’t he be in the kitchen supervising rather than socializing with the customers? The service from the Indian waiter was terrible; but the Chinese waitress was good. Luckily, we bought coupons, which came up only to $42. If we paid $82 for the meal, I’d have gotten very, very angry. We left the place, wondering how it could be full on a weekday night. My Muslim friends, you deserve better food. Le Bistro Parisien 10 Haji Lane T: 6396 6383 Website Rating: 1.125/5 stars


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