Ice Cream Man, Haji Lane

I gave a bad review to Medley Amaii, and wow, the person who commented on my blog, Isaac, was very fierce lor, scolding me, why I gave Medley Amaii a bad review. Isaac is going to hate me more because I’m going to give Ice Cream Man a good review although both shops sell alcohol and ice ka-lim.

The main reason is Ice ka-lim Man gets its priority right. Its main aim is to serve ice ka-lim, so the alcohol is just to support the business whereas Medley Amaii is blur cock, dunno serving ice kalim or alcohol as priority.

The second reason is Ice Ka-lim Man very DTE lor (Down To Earth, know your gay lingo please). A very cosy and comfortable nook, with a friendly, but not overly friendly server/boss. They even provide many card games for you, so you know they don’t mind you sitting for some time.

Last reason is the ice ka-lim.

The difference between “favor” and “flavor” is the letter L. Why? Because flavors need to be olinginal. Here the flavors are very olinginal lor. Their ice kalim have flavors like root beer float, potato, marmite, nachos, tom yam, pandan, wasabi, green curry, soy sauce, gui ling gao, water!!!

I tried the horlicks ($3.50/scoop) and then later I had the two flavors in a cup ($4.50): cheese and chicken-in-a-basket!!! The two flavors went very, very well together (I have great taste). At first, the server was like “Are you sure??” After I tried, I told her the combination was awesome! I bet cheese will go very well with nacho too! One day I wanna try wasabi and soy sauce.

One minor point is that I found all the ice cream I tasted, across the board, too sweet. Another suggestion is also that there should be standard ice cream flavors too, such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, which the shop doesn’t have. Actually, I find vanilla compulsory in any ice cream shop because vanilla is like the color black. Vanilla is the one flavor that could blend well with other flavors, like black is the only color that can go well with other colors.

I’d say that this Ice Ka-lim Man is what Udders used to be, adventurous, fun, olinginal. Now Udders only stick to its standard flavors but Ice Kalim Man changes the flavors everyday.

The decor is as quirky as the flavors, lots of old memorabilia, with a rotary dial phone that works!! I say old, because “ice kalim man” is an old nursery rhyme: do you know the ice cream man, the ice cream man, the ice cream man? Do you know the ice cream who somethingsomethingsomething. I forgot what the ice kalim man did. Must be something naughty.

Highly recommended.

Ice Cream Man
7 Haji Lane
Singapore 189200
T-Th & Sun: 1pm-11pm
F-S: 1pm-1am
Close on Monday
T: 63980919

Rating: 3.387/5 stars


Categories: $0-$20, Bugis, Dessert, Kampong Glam

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  1. i went back specially to read the Medly Amaii entry and i can tell you now i’ll definitely remember the place despite its weird name ;)

    and i’m definitely going to the Ice Cream Man just to try the water flavour…….. cheers


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