Mookata, East Coast

Mu means “pork” and “kata” means BBQ. So “Mookata” means thai Bbq over charcoal. Here are some photos first:

You rub the lard over the exposed metal surface. This will serve as your BBQ area. Then leave the lard at the top so that it will drip down all over the plate. Put your meat on the BBQ area and other things in your steamboat.

There are some in between items such as prawns and squid which you can either bbq or put in the steamboat.

We had the two-person set ($24.90++) which include chicken, pork, tofu, egg, golden mushroom, veg, two prawns, three otahs, corn, etc.

The ingredients were really not a lot, so we ordered the XL plate of sukiyaki beef ($12):

While the meat was very delicious and very well marinated, and the cabbage-based soup was very tasty after the meat juice dripped into it, we thought that the food was quite expensive. Look at the sukiyaki beef?! At first we thought, “Wow, the portions are so generous!.” And then we flipped open, it was all cabbage underneath. For $4, you can buy eat-till-you-puke sukiyaki beef at NTUC. And don’t order the beef because it’s not marinated so it didn’t taste good when BBQ. The other meats, marinated, tasted superb, retaining the sweetness of the meat.

There are three levels of homemade chili, which are very awesome and go very, very well with the meat.

When I told Hookerlily, the food was too expensive, she observed that we were the only unhappy ones in the restaurant. She said, “We are the poor HDB dwellers, the rest of those who will spend 800K on a HDB flat lor.” Sad but true.

The service was very friendly and prompt although when I asked to move out to the front of the shop, so that there was more ventilation, the waiter said it was reserved. But we sat there till the shop closed, and no one came. That wasn’t very nice.

Good points: delicious and fun food; friendly service
Bad points: you smell like BBQ pork yourself after leaving the place; and too expensive for too little.

103 East Coast Rd
T: 6344 2985
12pm-11pm (close on Tue)

Rating:3.191/5 stars


Categories: $20-$40, East Coast, Thai

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