Pavé Chocolates & Confections, East Coast

I don’t know Pave is so famous until I started researching for this review. All reviewers rave about this place.

“Pavé”, pronounced as per-ve, according to the owner means “paving pavements on the street” but what I think he means is “cobbled street,” because it’s like the chocolates were littered on the streets.

Sorry, I find the owner very cute and amicable so it hurts me to say this. I ah beng, I hate pretentious French names. We in Singapura, you know. Although it aspires to be classy French in a garden, with eggshell colors and pastel blues, the tiny shop space, which only allows 3 small tables, couldn’t bring up the ambience. (Edit: Response from the management: There are more tables on the upstairs. But since we were there on a weekday, the upstairs was closed.)

We didn’t know the chocolates and cakes are famous but as we walked by, there was a huge poster, promoting their souffle. I’m on the search for the perfect souffle in Singapore after watching Masterchef.

The souffle came. And like Laurent’s Cafe’s souffle, we were disappointed. I think there are some points which win and some points which lose out the Laurent’s. The winning part: the chocolate was bitter (higher percentage of cacao), but, like Laurent’s, not rich enough. Another winning part: this souffle was capable of collapsing, which means it didn’t add agents for it to be stiff but Laurent did. Because the chocolate was bitter, it could go well with the vanilla ice cream.

What it lost out: (1) both Laurent’s and Pave’s souffles were not rich enough. (2) Pave didn’t make their own vanilla ice cream. It tasted very obviously wholesale. (Edited: Response from Management: We make our own vanilla ice cream, and we import our own vanilla beans. They are of the Planifolia variety and we use a Pacojet to process them. Perhaps you have been eating in good places that use the same Planifolia variety? If you detect a floral hint to the ice cream, that would be Vanilla Tahitensis tickling your tongue.)

(3) there were grains of sugar at the bottom, it felt like we were biting into sugared sand. (4) The powder cacao covering the top of the souffle was a wasted effort. Powder cacao, I find, sucks up the moisture of the tongue and has an unpleasure sticky ladyfinger texture, so I don’t know why people even use it in the first place. Because my tongue was dry, it really prevented my enjoyment of the souffle. I’d still prefer the souffle at Laurent’s, even though I always support underdogs.

Overall, I’d disagree with most of the reviewers on HGW which gave this place a favorable review. $20 for a souffle like this is too ridiculously priced. When we were there, they didn’t even have iced water, they had to serve us warm water.

Pavé Chocolates & Confections
93 East Coast Rd
Singapore 428792
(close on monday)
T: 6342 0677

Rating: 2.437/5 stars


Categories: $0-$20, $20-$40, Dessert, East Coast

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