Mooshi Bakes, East Coast

At the intersection of East Coast Road and Joo Chiat, we were crossing to go to Awfully Chocolate when I exclaimed, “Wah! the cream puff looks delicious.” A family walking behind us immediately ran in front of us, cut us off and stood in front and look at the poster of cream puff. WTF. They weren’t even interested in the food. They stood for a few seconds and the daddy said, “Why are we standing here? Let’s go.” Precisely. WTF. So kiasu, see people want, they also want.

So a Pinoy opened the door for us to enter the bakery. It’s a 3 restaurants in one concept: the other two include Awfully Chocolate and Joo Joo. Hookerlily wanted mushroom pie ($6.90++ to take away and $10.90++ to eat in, including salad) and I wanted the cream puff ($6.60).

The cream puff was plain sad. It’s sadder than Titanic and all the Korean drama add together. The pastry was hard and hard to sever and the cream was neither light nor heavy. Beard Papa is infinitely better and 3 times cheaper.

The mushroom pie was equally bad. The mushroom was the Chinese mushroom (which I like) but it just didn’t go with the pastry. The pie wasn’t hot at all, and when we sent it back to be reheated, it came back, still cold. The pastry wasn’t fluffy and hard to bite.

The service was good though. When we asked for water, it came. When we asked for cutlery, it came. Prompt. The decor is like Awfully Chocolate outlets, white, with wooden tables.

Overall, we thought this was a horrible experience and won’t return.

Mooshi Bakes
131 East Coast Rd
Singapore 428816
T: 64406735
Fri-Sat: 12pm-1am
Mon-Thu: 12pm-10pm

Rating:2.683/5 stars


Categories: $0-$20, East Coast, Western

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