Night & Day Gallery + Bar, Selegie

I want to start a “Thirsty Go Where” series, since 14K is an alcoholic and we have been going for drinks everywhere. This review is written by Saliva Ionescu, our designated drunk driver (read “Contributors” page for an introduction).


I’ve travelled around the world, man, I tell you, and this place is the REAL Singapore. The rest of the Singapore is FAKE, trust me, I’m angmoh, what I say is gospel. The rest of SIngapore is high-tech and all, so FAKE, this place is ghetto, man, kinda reminds me of my hometown in Romania where we can hit and run.

As you see in the photo above, there was graffiti everywhere from the long corridor up to the second storey where the bar is. In the bar, there is a grand piano and the chairs are damn special, man. They are high-back pew chairs, like in churches. Cool, man. Making a church in a bar! My kinda place! I like to get drunk, drunk, and touch girls.

There is a smoking around within the bar so you don’t have to go downstairs. The smoking room is cool, man, with a greenish lighting and graffiti everyone even on the windows. Here is a picture of Wise Guy I took to show you how the smoking room looks like:

So Hookerlily ordered a daiquiri and I asked the bartender to mix me a drink. Both drinks were horrible. Mine tasted like cough syrup. Sissy drink. I am angmoh MAN, more man than sissy Singaporeans men who cannot even take a few hits from my car, I’m cool. We were hungry but there was no bar food, or rather bar food that we didn’t want (hotdog?! I’m angmoh, you want you eat my hotdog!)

But while the drinks suck, and the crowd was pretentious artsy sort (people you can get weed from), the decor was cool and the bartender was friendly. (I’m White, all servers kowtow to me!) There is a live jazz band on some days. Call and ask, I’m not your slave, you’re mine, I’m angmoh. Understand?

Day & Night
139 Selegie Rd
T:6884 5523

Rating: 2.991/5 stars


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  1. from one gay to another, your reviews shows you are a petty person. you know nothing about the craft. come read my blog and learn from the master.


    • please lor, you’re not ladyironchef. Ladyironchef is straight. You’re an imposter.

      FYI, ladyironchef doesn’t blog, he posts pretty photos but have no opinions and doesn’t know how to describe food.


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