Coffee Bar K, U E Square

Today, we broke up at Coffee Bar K.

We love this place and wanted our home to be like this. I wanted the leather chesterfield with rollers and lit-up marble kitchen island table. He wanted the rows and rows of whiskey at home. Mainly, I love the jazz music they play. This exquisite and quiet bar reminds me of something out of a Murakami novel – and I read all the novels.

The service was impeccable, the cocktails were award-winning. But we drank mostly whiskey and single-malt. 14K has trained me well.

Entrance charge is $25, but think that you’re paying for the cold cuts, fruits and chips that are provided. No entrance charge if you’re there from 6pm-8pm. So entrance charge and a drink would cost up to $42 per person at least. Clientele: Japanese businessmen. Dressed in black suits and ties. Very mafia, very cool.

Today, we broke up at Coffee Bar K. We cried buckets but the servers gave us privacy and were polite. See the ice ball in the glass? That was my big tear. We then went on to have the most amazing last date. Thank you, 14K. You’ve given me great happiness, more than anyone deserves.

The two times I was here with 14K were filled of sad memories. The first time he couldn’t find the place and was angry. He was sitting at the dried-up fountain, and I sneaked up from back and lay on the fountain, arms behind my head, waiting for him to notice. The second..well, you know the second. But still, I think I’ll go back to Coffee Bar tomorrow. It is my favorite bar.

Coffee Bar K
205 River Valley Rd
Singapore 238274
Sun-F: 6pm-3am
S & PH: 6pm-4am

Rating: 4.200/5 stars

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