Lluvia KTV Bar, Telok Ayer St

Continuing my series of “Thirsty Go Where” bars…

Hookerlily says the best way to get over someone is to hook up with someone else. Since an Ex-Student has been emailing me, asking me out a few times, I asked him out to Lluvia’s first year anniversary.

Actually, we used to go Lluvia in the past. It has a no-attitude and cosy atmosphere. It’s a gay-friendly place, with mostly mandarin-speaking middle-age crowd. Up-to-date songs.

We wanted Coke Light as a mixer for our drink. Although coke light wasn’t one of the options, the waiter managed to make it happen for us.

Although there are no cocktails, the drinks are cheap. We ordered Chivas ($138) and I’ve become quite a good drinker that I drank half a bottle by myself. (the rest of them don’t drink.) If not for my headache, which has been bugging me for a week, I’d have drunk more.

Ex-Student turned out to be surprisingly “sfuntaneous,” Hookerlily’s word. I’m bringing him to meet my friends on Hookerlily’s birthday. Let’s see how he fares. Got to know someone there too, my type. We just arranged to go out next week. Let’s see how that goes too.

Hookerlily sang this:


Overall, an unpretentious, homey place, fun for KTV in the open. You might spot an actor there too, rather famous in the 90s. He still looks the same.

145 Telok Ayer St
Singapore 068605
t: 9109 2592
Email: contact@lluvia.com.sg

Rating: 3.491/5 stars


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