Madrinaa Pizza & Pasta, Bukit Timah

14K guest blogs. Editor’s Note: If you don’t understand the words, please visit Singlish Dictionary.

Adoi eh, that Wise Guy anyhow say he’s beng. He action action niah. Where got beng. He got kang tou and got bought coupon for this pizzeria. He ah, ga-bra only. Mess everything up. We all glam up then bring us to this HDB voiddeck place. He heng he so apologetic, we never hantam him.

So we jiak two pizzas. One got mushroom (Palermo, $20), the other one (Brindisi, $20) got beef and anchovy like kiam he (salted fish). The mushroom one very mushroomy. The kiam he a bit uneven, like the pizza will surprise attack you, all a suddenly salty, like Wise Guy’s hands all a sudden molest me like that. But I tell you a secret, I don’t mind he touching me lah.

Food buay pai (not bad) but ambience really cannot make it. Service so-so niah. And must pay $$ for water. Sian bo.

Ok, spanks for asking me to wrote dis review! Hope you understand my England!

Madrinna Pizza
Blk 3 Queens Road #02-141 Singapore 260003
T: 64747 342

Rating: 2.699/5 stars

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